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We can help you with all automotive lock and key issues. Transponder keys and programming, factory remotes, and a multitude of repair services are available.

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Protect your home with deadbolts installed by our professional staff. We feature "keyless" locks and can rekey all your locks to a common key for convenience.

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Commercial to industrial hardware from companies like Schlage, LCN, VonDuprin, USCAN, HES, and Global…hardware designed for extreme use and protection. 

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Tom's Lock Service Goes to Asia

In August of 2013, one lucky Tom's Lock Service hat was packed in a China-bound suitcase and spent the following year living in the far east. Here are some pictures of the hat's adventures in Asia*:

*Photoshop was not used in the making of this webpage

Resting on the beach in Boracay, Philippine Islands, taking a much-needed vacation from the fast-paced Tom's Lock Service shop. 

Enjoying traditional Chinese architecture in the remote mountain town, Yangshuo, Guangxi, China.

Next excursion: a bamboo boat cruise down the Li River of southeastern China. Enjoying the same kind of breeze as the TLS service vans cruising down 61. 

Hmmm. A Tom's Lock Service shop might be a nice addition to the Hong Kong skyline.

We'll need a slighter larger hat to fit Big Buddha on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. 

Tom's Lock Service notices that the backyards of homes in Bali, Indonesia are a little different than Winona, Minnesota. 

Singapore's major landmark, the Merlion, gives the Tom's Lock Service hat a wash after all its traveling. 

The Sultan Mosque in Singapore

With just 86 more floors, the Tom's Lock Service shop on 3rd Street would be as tall as the Petronas Towers of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Think of how many locks, safes, and key accessories we could stock in a building of that size! 

About to climb 272 steps up to the Batu Caves of Malaysia. 

Albert Einstein's work isn't as relevant in the locksmith world, but he still shows his support for TLS. In Bangkok, Thailand, TLS visits Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.

Tom's Lock advertises its services at the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. 

The Tom's Lock Service hat gets a little tired climbing all the steps of the Great Wall, so it catches a ride from Emerit's daughter, Tia, in Beijing, China. 

From the top of Xiangshan Mountain, we're daydreaming of all the locks that need repair in the huge city of Taipei, Taiwan.

The TLS hat makes a return trip to Beijing, China to tour the Forbidden City. Didn't we unlock a car here once?

Just hanging on the Great Wall in Beijing, China. It's a cool place, but where are all the locks?

Tom's Lock Service goes on one last rescue mission in Shanghai, China. 

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